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Pediatric Feeding Therapy

What is pediatric feeding therapy?

Feeding therapy is a specialized treatment that utilizes techniques from occupational therapy and speech-language therapy to address feeding struggles in children. Feeding therapy can help children overcome sensory processing difficulties that lead to picky eating as well as develop the oral motor and fine motor skills they need to successfully nurse, eat, and drink. Through personalized treatment based on your child’s specific needs, our caring feeding therapists can help your child master feeding for better nutritional intake and improved overall happiness. 

What Does Pediatric feeding Therapy Address?

Pediatric feeding therapy can address several areas of your child’s development, such as: 

Who Can Benefit from Pediatric Feeding Therapy?

Any child who struggles with the developmental skills mentioned above can benefit from pediatric feeding therapy. Our compassionate therapists have worked with children who have a variety of conditions, including:

how pediatric
feeding Therapy Works

Your child will work with one of our expert speech-language pathologists (SLPs) or occupational therapists (OTs) to improve their feeding skills depending on their unique struggles. In general, children who struggle with oral motor skills (like nursing, chewing, or swallowing) will work with an SLP, and children who struggle with sensory processing, hand-eye coordination, or regulating their emotions at mealtimes will work with an OT. 

By using evidence-based, proven treatment techniques, our therapists will empower your child to master their feeding skills so they can enjoy the wide variety of nutritious foods their growing body needs. These techniques may be activities, exercises, or games that address the specific skills your child needs to build. 

Our feeding therapists may look like they are only playing with your child during their session, but this is intentional. By creating a fun environment and treating therapy like a game, we keep children motivated to work on their feeding skills and help them reach their developmental goals.

Benefits of Pediatric Feeding Therapy

With routine feeding therapy sessions, your child can master the skills they need to successfully nurse, eat, and drink and experience:

Schedule a Pediatric Feeding Therapy Evaluation

If your child has trouble nursing, chewing, swallowing, or eating a variety of healthy foods, our expert feeding therapists can help. We’ll work with your child to build the skills they need for confident and independent feeding to improve their overall health and quality of life. To schedule your child’s pediatric feeding therapy evaluation, call The SpOT Clinic in Owens Cross Roads, Madison, or Gulf Shores, AL today and we will be happy to help you get started.


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