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Pediatric Therapy Services in North and South Alabama

Your family can receive all of our pediatric therapy services at each one of our The SpOT Clinic locations in Owens Cross Roads, Madison or Gulf Shores, AL. Our compassionate team of skilled pediatric therapists works together to ensure your child gets the personalized care they need. This collaborative approach is how we have maintained our high record of success in changing the lives of the children in our community.

Therapy Services at the SpOT Clinic

No matter which clinic location you choose, your child can receive all of the following pediatric therapy services from our skilled therapists at The SpOT Clinic closest to you:

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Speech is a complex skill that depends on your child’s ability to pronounce their sounds clearly, understand language, put their ideas into words, and other important developmental milestones. If your child has a hard time with speech or language (including reading and writing), our expert speech-language pathologists will help them build these skills so they can freely communicate with others.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Your child’s occupations are the daily activities in which they participate. For children with developmental delays, disabilities, or sensory difficulties, it can be a struggle to handle daily activities due to physical, social, or behavioral challenges. If your child is struggling with any of their occupations, such as going to school, playing with friends, getting dressed, or taking care of their own hygiene, our caring occupational therapists will help them develop the skills they need to handle these tasks independently.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Children learn and grow by exploring the world around them, but children with developmental delays or disabilities face unique challenges that can impact this growth. If your child has trouble with physical skills like crawling, walking, climbing, balance, or coordination, our knowledgeable physical therapists will help them master these skills so they can explore the world with confidence.

Pediatric Feeding Therapy

Nursing, eating, and drinking are essential skills for a child’s overall health, but many factors can make it difficult for your child to feed easily. If your child struggles with feeding themselves, poor behavior, picky eating, or choking at mealtimes, our compassionate pediatric therapists will help them overcome these challenges. With routine therapy sessions, we can help your child master feeding for improved nutritional intake and peaceful mealtimes.

Other Services

In addition to our exceptional pediatric therapy services, The SpOT Clinic is proud to offer extracurricular activities and community support and education to achieve our mission of changing lives. We offer summer camps for children to practice their social skills as well as support groups for families of children with developmental disorders or disabilities. We also offer in-service education for families, daycare centers, schools, and other groups in our community.


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