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Pediatric Speech Therapy

What is pediatric speech therapy?

Speech therapy is a specialized treatment that helps children overcome their challenges with speaking, language comprehension, or literacy. Through personalized treatment based on your child’s specific needs, our expert speech-language pathologists can help your child build the skills they need for efficient communication. We also offer teletherapy through insurance.

What Does Pediatric Speech Therapy Address?

Pediatric speech therapy can address your child’s difficulties with speech or language due to:


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Speech Therapy Works

Our friendly speech-language pathologists will work with your child at every therapy appointment to improve their speech and language skills. We do this through evidence-based, proven treatment techniques designed to strengthen their oral motor control, cognitive (thinking) ability, language comprehension, and more. 

These techniques may be activities, exercises, or games that address the specific skills your child needs to build. Our speech-language pathologists may look like they are only playing with your child during their session, but this is intentional. By creating a fun environment and treating therapy like a game, we keep children motivated to work on their speech and language skills and help them reach their developmental goals. 

Can Speech Therapy Improve Feeding Skills?

Many children who have difficulty with feeding skills receive treatment from a speech-language pathologist. This is because the same oral muscles that enable your child to nurse, chew, or swallow are the muscles they use for speech. Not every child who has difficulty with speech will have trouble with feeding, just like not every child who has trouble with feeding will have difficulty with speech. But in many cases, children will struggle with both of these areas of development because the skills necessary for feeding and speech overlap. 

If your child is receiving speech therapy, the exercises and activities they work on with their speech-language pathologist can improve their feeding skills. However, it is important that you mention any feeding difficulties your child is having to the therapist at their evaluation so that we can ensure their treatment plan covers all of their needs.

Benefits of Pediatric Speech Therapy

With routine pediatric speech therapy sessions, your child can master the skills they need for effective communication and experience:

Schedule a Pediatric Speech Therapy Evaluation

Communication is a vital part of daily life. If your child has trouble with communication due to speech or language difficulties, our expert speech-language pathologists can help them build the skills they need for confidence and success in school, relationships, and life. To schedule your child’s pediatric speech therapy evaluation, call The SpOT Clinic in Owens Cross Roads, Madison, or Gulf Shores, AL today and we will be happy to help you get started.


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